About Hiiraan University

Hiiraan University is the first University in central regions to open its doors for students and provide opportunities for higher education.HU is the region’s premier university — an essential contributor to the social, political and cultural life of the Somali people. HU is an independent, nonprofit, apolitical, and equal-opportunity institution that is committed to providing a rigorous, multifaceted learning experience for highly trained professionals in various fields. The values that guide the Faculty’s programs include strong knowledge, equity, diversity, community, collaboration, inter-disciplinarily and social justice.

The degree offered by the university prepares students for careers through degree programs. The university is working towards providing opportunities for field studies, internships or study abroad programs with national and international institutions.


Beledweyne Campus

Beledweyne Campus offers a range of services for students who wish to require assistance in a variety of areas related to their educational and personal pursuits. To offer university students on the compass high quality and accessible services that facilitate their entry to University life and their progress through their studies, and to help them overcome obstacles that may impede their ability to have a successful and enjoyable student experience in any program at Hiiraan University.

Programs of Hiiraan University

Degree Program(s)
The university will award four-year bachelor’s degrees in Nursing, Islamic studies, and IT. (more…)

Blog Marketing Strategies: Guest Posting

When I started my blog last month, I wasn’t fully aware that marketing my content would play an integral role in growing my audience. But once I understood this principle, I began researching blog marketing strategies. Although my research increased my awareness of various mechanisms I can use to market my blog, guest posting is my favorite thus far. And what is guest posting? Guest posting is a blog marketing strategy that involves creating a blog post and submitting it to the administrator of another blog. Once the blog post is approved, it appears on the administrator’s blog. The advantage of guest posting may seem plain to many, but it should be stated nonetheless. In short, guest posting is one of the most advantageous blog marketing strategies because it exposes your blog to a new audience and can compel them to begin subscribing to your blog. Now that you understand why guest posting is important, it is important that you implement good guest posting tips. Here are three: (more…)

Philadelphia Eagles same as ever

The Philadelphia Eagles are the NFL version of the old Talking Heads song, “Once in a Lifetime”. You know the song. “Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.”
I am not bringing this up to wax nostalgic about 80’s pop music. (Although did you know that the Buggles “Video Killed the Radio Star” was the very first video shown on MTV on August 1, 1981? You know, back when MTV actually showed music videos. No? Never mind.)

Anyway, that song describes the Eagles perfectly. No matter what happens, they are always the same. “Same as it ever was.” Unfortunately, that is not a good thing. (more…)

Switzerland Restaurant Reviews: Zurich

While walking along the narrow streets of Zurich’s enchanting Old Town, we were surrounded by buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. We had a chance to experience the Restuarant Oepfelchammer, or just called “oeli” (meaning apples), built in 1356. Oeli has been known as the oldest and most authentically preserved tavern in Zurich. Each room was different. The newer wood-paneled dining room (1901) was decorated with antiques and a wall of cut glass windows. The restaurant had been operated by the same family for 50 years. Karen Henneer was the third generation owner for 6 years, her parents 15 years, and grandparents were the original proprietors. (more…)

Cheap Fantasy Football Leagues

If you do not have a local NFL fantasy football league and want more excitement then a free league at Yahoo! Sports, CBS Sports or NFL.com, then you can play in one of the cheapest fantasy football leagues online where you do live drafts, waiver wires and live scoring for $10. (more…)

Shower Renovation Universal Design

A shower renovation may be something you pine for if your current one has been in your home for at least three decades. If you have a shower that old, it might be an outdated walk-in type with little room to move around. We forget that the shower should be designed with as much creative thinking as any normal room in the house. But if you have the budget and want to renovate your shower into something more useful and expansive, you may want to adhere to the concept of universal design. (more…)

Tyler Perrys Temptation

“Temptations: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor,” the Lions Gate movie by Tyler Perry, is a blitz of exceptional talent on many levels. Perry does not show up in the movie, but his signature is all over it. It is quality and excellence on steroids. A review of several aspects of the movie appear below. (more…)

Scary Movie 5 – Movie Review

My youngest daughter recently started 4K and, since we knew we wouldn’t be able to concentrate at work, my wife and I took off for her first day of school. We tried to kill the time by doing some grocery shopping and running some other errands. When we discovered we still had about 20 minutes to go, we decided to stop at the movie rental place a couple blocks from her school and picked out the film “Scary Movie 5.” (more…)

College Degrees Most in Demand

In this struggling economy, many recent college graduates are finding themselves without jobs. It causes one to question how much their college education is truly worth? A recent New York Times article, “The Master’s as the New Bachelor’s” illustrates this point. It describes how many companies can now be picky. Some of the simplest jobs, like after-school tutoring, are now listing bachelor’s required, master’s preferred as a requirement to work for the company.
Thus, how does one get ahead in today’s society? What does one need to study to succeed? Below are three college degrees that will always be in demand. (more…)