About Hiiraan University

Hiiraan University is the first University in central regions to open its doors for students and provide opportunities for higher education.HU is the region’s premier university — an essential contributor to the social, political and cultural life of the Somali people. HU is an independent, nonprofit, apolitical, and equal-opportunity institution that is committed to providing a rigorous, multifaceted learning experience for highly trained professionals in various fields. The values that guide the Faculty’s programs include strong knowledge, equity, diversity, community, collaboration, inter-disciplinarily and social justice.

The degree offered by the university prepares students for careers through degree programs. The university is working towards providing opportunities for field studies, internships or study abroad programs with national and international institutions.


Beledweyne Campus

Beledweyne Campus offers a range of services for students who wish to require assistance in a variety of areas related to their educational and personal pursuits. To offer university students on the compass high quality and accessible services that facilitate their entry to University life and their progress through their studies, and to help them overcome obstacles that may impede their ability to have a successful and enjoyable student experience in any program at Hiiraan University.