Blog Marketing Strategies: Guest Posting for Hotels and Real Estate Agents

When I started my blog last month, I wasn’t fully aware that marketing my content would play an integral role in growing my audience. But once I understood this principle, I began researching blog marketing strategies. Although my research increased my awareness of various mechanisms I can use to market my blog, guest posting is my favorite thus far. And what is guest posting? Guest posting is a blog marketing strategy that involves creating a blog post and submitting it to the administrator of another blog. Once the blog post is approved, it appears on the administrator’s blog. The advantage of guest posting may seem plain to many, but it should be stated nonetheless. In short, guest posting is one of the most advantageous blog marketing strategies because it exposes your blog to a new audience and can compel them to begin subscribing to your blog. Now that you understand why guest posting is important, it is important that you implement good guest posting tips for hotels: Here are three:

1. Make Great Content.

This may seem like an obvious concept, but it has specific implications in the world of guest posting. In addition to doing things like citing your sources and editing your work, be sure that your blog post conforms to the guidelines of the blog it will appear on. If it doesn’t, your content isn’t really going to be viewed as “great” in the eyes of the administrator. In some cases, a blog administrator may request guest posts on a specific topic. When this happens, make sure that your work conforms to the expressed rules and regulations.

2. Guest Post On A Blog That Is Already Successful.

I’m not against guest posting on blogs that haven’t already garnered significant traffic. You may find yourself respecting the ideological slant of a little known blog and subsequently decide to become a part of it. Moreover, guest posting with a blog that you respect can be a wonderful and personally rewarding experience. At the same time, however, making effective use of blog marketing strategies means you should be doing things that expand your audience. And guest posting on a blog or website that is already extremely popular is a great way to do this. In short, posting on a blog with high traffic helps market your blog more effectively than doing so through lower traffic blogs because the former act is likely to redirect more visits to your blog.

3. Check Out The Blog You Plan To Guest Post On Before Doing So.

In discussing the importance of checking out the blog you want to guest post on before doing so, Susan Gunelius offers several great guest posting tips, including the idea that you should read the blog you want to guest post on. This is important for many reasons, including the fact that you want to share your work on a blog you don’t find morally questionable or somehow offensive. (I had an issue with this several weeks ago. After accepting an invitation to write a blog post advertising my novel Erudition, I typed up the book synopsis and sent it off to the blog administrator. When I went to her blog to view my post, I realized that she was openly advertising the fact that she wrote erotic literature. This is not in keeping with the image I want to project, so I had to ask the administrator to remove my post. This is the type of awkward endeavor you can avoid by carefully examining the blog you want to submit a guest post to before doing so.)


Although the advice listed above is certainly not exhaustive, it does offer you access to the type of blog marketing strategies that can help you market your blog more effectively. Indeed, making great use of guest posting can help you expand your audience. Good luck!