Cheap Fantasy Football Leagues

If you do not have a local NFL fantasy football league and want more excitement then a free league at Yahoo! Sports, CBS Sports or, then you can play in one of the cheapest fantasy football leagues online where you do live drafts, waiver wires and live scoring for $10.

Formally known as Fan Ball Fantasy Football, the newly launched CDM Sports has affordable fantasy football. I played on the Fan Ball website last year and while it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as other fantasy sites, it allows be to play in multiple leagues for cheap.

$10 and $25 dollar fantasy football leagues

Instead of paying premiums like $50 and $100 on some fantasy sites, I can expand the way I play fantasy football with cheap leagues. Last year I did two $10 dollar leagues and one $25 dollar leagues.

Fan Ball Fantasy Football

You can manage all the leagues from the same user name with a drop down menu. Live drafts and live scoring occurs. Select from a 10 player or 12 player league. The 12 player is obviously more competitive, but it offers higher pay outs.

All of the leagues I played in last year were the 10 man leagues. Match-ups varied week to week and the waiver wire was updated and worked perfectly on a daily basis. Live scoring updates directly on the screen including player stats and weekly match-ups.

CDM Sports Launch

The website will launch soon and when it does, you can select the live draft time for your league. The draft base is simple, with the typical player rankings. You can do a quick search for a player in the small box and their stats and projections will load on the screen.

Use tabbed window to access extra information on players from other websites like This will make the draft flow more smoothly.

Fantasy Football Payouts

In every league, the top two players get payed out, with the winner collecting the most. In the 2010 season, I placed in two out of three leagues. Once the season completes, you can access your accounts and then select “Claim Winnings.” Once you do, a check is issued and sent to your home address.

Fan Ball Fantasy Football2

CDM Hall of Fame

If you manage to break any of the records on the CDM, you are added to the CDM Hall of Fame. This will give you a discount for every year of fantasy football within the website.