College Degrees Most in Demand

In this struggling economy, many recent college graduates are finding themselves without jobs. It causes one to question how much their college education is truly worth? A recent New York Times article, “The Master’s as the New Bachelor’s” illustrates this point. It describes how many companies can now be picky. Some of the simplest jobs, like after-school tutoring, are now listing bachelor’s required, master’s preferred as a requirement to work for the company.
Thus, how does one get ahead in today’s society? What does one need to study to succeed? Below are three college degrees that will always be in demand.


1. Electrical Engineering
With starting salaries hovering around $55,000 a year, electrical engineers are imperative to our country’s success. They oversee the electrical aspects from everything to a car to the electrical wiring in a building. So why are these jobs so high in demand? The answer is simple – it is challenging work to become an engineer. Many college students are scared of taken the rigorous classes needed in this field. When American students are scared of the work, then it ultimately just leaves many openings in the field, which have to be staffed by employees overseas.

2. Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineers have the same problem as electrical engineers. There are simply not enough college students willing to study the material. In other words, the demand is greater than the supply. Through rigorous coursework, mechanical engineers are trained in how to design and manufacture mechanical devices like an elevator or a generator, and are rewarded handsomely with, starting salaries hovering around $54,000 a year.


3. Accounting
According to a recent US Department of Labor study, employment opportunities for accountants are expected to rise 22 percent through 2018. Accountants on average have a $46,000 starting salary and can earn as much as $68,960 per year.
Overall, all of these degrees have one thing in common, they acquire understanding of numbers. Thus, my advice for recent college graduates is simple. Major in fields that acquire expertise with numbers. Having an understanding of mathematics is a field which will always have demand. No matter where you go in the world, numbers simply will always remain the same, giving you skills that allow you to work wherever you like all over the world.


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